EU publication of tax havens blacklist 23.01.2018

EU publication of tax havens blacklist 05.12.2017

Tighter legal framework on money laundering- The Fourth EU Anti Money Laundering Directive

Postponement of application of Protocol amending Article 13 “Capital Gains” of the Cyprus – Russia Treaty

N. PIRILIDES & ASSOCIATES LLC is happy to announce new partner, Kyriakos Karatsis
Kyriakos Karatsis is the firm’s newly appointed partner.  Kyriakos is an experienced litigator and is highly involved in complex court litigation, representing numerous clients in a range of civil, corporate and commercial disputes.
Kyriakos has also been involved in private arbitration, banking disputes and multiple breaches of contract as well as tort law cases.
Kyriakos has also, throughout his engagement at the firm, effectively handled a plentiful number of family law cases and has gained particular knowledge in land-registry procedures, drafting and reviewing purchase/sale agreements and has dealt with many real-estate cases over the years, ranging from simple acquisitions and sales by individuals to composite big-scale development projects.

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