Brexit and Cyprus

Posted On : 10-02-2020

After many years of uncertainty, the United Kingdom officially left the European Union on 31st January 2020.

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Technological advancements: Artificial Intelligence a Boon to the Legal Profession

Posted On : 02-12-2019

As advances in law technology revolutionise today’s legal landscape, the role of the legal professional has evolved. The automation of legal processes has prompted lawyers and other legal professionals to become proficient at an ever-increasing collection of word processing, database, presentation, and legal research software.That being said, this article will further explain the concept of technological innovation in relation to smart contracts as well as their underlying technological foundation, future applications and legal implications.

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PSD2 - Are You Ready For The Change?

Posted On : 24-07-2019

PSD2: What is it? Summary:

The Second Payment Services Directive (“PSD2”) is a revised  EU Directive on Payment Services that has seen implementation stages. It affects our everyday lives both as consumers and as businesses engaged in payment services, since the PSD2 relates to the legal framework on card-based transactions.  Certainly, the PSD2 had caused a lot of discussion and worry at the time, but has already given a lot to the industry and has now much more to offer,  changing in a way  banking as we know it! 

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The GDPR aftermath: recent enforcement activities by data protection authorities

Posted On : 10-07-2019

In the wake of the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the biggest shake-up of data privacy laws in the past decades currently marking over a year from its enforcement on 25.05.2018, we started witnessing how data protection authorities (DPAs) use their entrusted powers of investigation and enforcement for ensuring compliance with the GDPR.

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Cyprus implements the EU Package Travel Directive

Posted On : 25-07-2018

The tourism and leisure travel sector is one of the most advanced sectors in Cyprus. Travelers around the world mostly prefer to book their holidays online, a concept which likewise applies when travelling to our island.

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The New Data Protection Regulation

Posted On : 17-05-2018

The new Data Protection Regulation: How does it affect individuals and organisations?

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Monitoring employees’ communications at workplace. Is it legal?

Posted On : 09-02-2018
Over the last decade, communication via email and text has become the most commonly used method of communicating in the workplace. 
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Tighter legal framework on money laundering- The Fourth EU Anti Money Laundering Directive

Posted On : 31-05-2017

In an effort to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorists’ activities and to increase transparency, the European Commission issued the 4th AML Directive in May 2015 and repealed the previous one.

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Changing your name - Procedure to follow

Posted On : 16-02-2017

A Cypriot citizen has the right to submit an application with the competent authorities in Cyprus (the District Administration Offices) to change his/her name and/or surname, correct errors or make additions.

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Oil and natural gas in Cyprus

Posted On : 13-07-2016

There are considerable quantities, speculative and confirmed, of gas at East Mediterranean sea especially within the Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) of Israel, Egypt and such indicators have also turned the attention to Cyprus’ adjacent EEZ which is only 6km away from the recent biggest discovery of gas in the Mediterranean sea in Egypt’s EEZ, namely Zohr field, but also close to two giant field discoveries in Israel’s EEZ, namely Leviathan and Tamar, intensifying the interest in Cyprus’ EEZ despite the current low prices of oil and gas.

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“Brexit” and its effects on British Expats

Posted On : 01-07-2016

“Brexit refers” to the decision of British people to exit the European Union, which was determined through the UK referendum of the United Kingdom's membership of the European Union, held on June 23, 2016.

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Directive 2002/47/EC on financial collateral arrangements

Posted On : 23-06-2016

The Directive aims to produce a clear uniform EU legal framework for the use of securities and cash as collateral in financial transactions. Financial collateral is the property (i.e. securities) provided by a borrower to a lender to reduce the risk of financial loss to the lender if the borrower fails to meet their financial duties to the lender.

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EU Air passenger rights Regulation 261/2004

Posted On : 19-10-2015

Flight delays, flight cancellations and denial of boarding are matters which undeniably haunt the minds and lives of many people in the 21st century. Hence, the European Union considered it, and rightly so, a matter necessary for providing a legal basis for, which can act as a ground of safety and a shield of protection for the millions of air passengers crossing European grounds daily. 

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New Measures relating to Parental Child Abductions

Posted On : 08-09-2014

The Parliament of Cyprus is seeking to enforce legislative measures regarding both the parental child abductions and the illegal restraints of children in countries other than Cyprus. 

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Information - UK residents conducting a Civil Wedding in Cyprus

Posted On : 22-03-2014

The information provided relates as a basic guideline for British passport holders only.  Non-British passport holders or clients with documentation issued outside of the United Kingdom should contact their own consulate or embassy.

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EC proposals on modernisation of the Package Travel Directive

Posted On : 17-12-2013

What will the reforms bring and how will they affect travellers?

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Companies offering administrative services in Cyprus require authorisation.

Posted On : 17-12-2013

Cyprus registered companies offering administrative services to other Cypriot registered companies need to be authorised by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (hereinafter called the ‘Commission’).

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Retail Sale and Trade of Alcoholic Drinks in Cyprus

Posted On : 02-11-2012

In order to sell, offer to sell, or hold with the purpose to sell alcoholic drinks in the Republic of Cyprus, one needs to obtain the license for the sale of intoxicating liquors (retailer’s licence and dealer’s license) by the Municipality, within which the premises are located, or in any other case by the District Officer of the District, within the boundaries of which the premises are located.

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Instructions for Civil Weddings in Cyprus

Posted On : 12-12-2011

People who wish to have a civil wedding in Cyprus must apply in person or through a lawyer practising in Cyprus to the Department of marriage services in Cyprus, at the Municipality of their choice (in Limassol, Paphos, Larnaca, Nicosia etc) with the following documents:

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Foreigners have the opportunity of investing & establishing business in Cyprus on equal terms

Posted On : 08-07-2011

What has really changed?  The cornerstone of this analysis revolves around the notion that economic success is often linked with the necessary modifications and alterations that would enhance market growth. The question now turns to be what really changed in Cyprus reality. It was a well known fact that until recently there was a 49% restriction on foreign participation in Cypriot enterprises. This alone was subject to scepticism and suspicion by potential investors who regarded this restriction as an instrument of exploitation by their local counterparts.

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Establishment and Operation of Tourist and Travel Agencies in Cyprus

Posted On : 05-06-2011
The relevant law relating to the establishment and operation of such offices in Cyprus is the Tourism and Travel Offices and Tourist Guides Law. 
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