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Shipping industry in Cyprus

Posted On : 21-01-2020
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The Cyprus Tonnage Tax System in relation to ship owners

Posted On : 21-11-2016

Cyprus is currently holding the 10th largest merchant navy in the world and the 3rd largest in the European Union.

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Registration of Ships and Shipping Companies in Cyprus

Posted On : 10-08-2013

Due to the law taxation in Cyprus, our country is an attractive place to register a ship under the Cypriot Flag or to register a shipping company.

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Protection of Cyprus Ships against piracy & the licensing of ship security companies

Posted On : 25-08-2012

In recent years the seizure of vessels and detention of mariners under inhuman conditions for ransom payment claims on behalf of ship-owners for their release has increased dramatically. The Cyprus Government has followed other jurisdictions in preparing legislation to combat piracy on the high seas, mainly with the provision of specially trained and certified armed guards/escorts on the merchant vessel flying the flag of Cyprus.

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