Cyprus Long -Term Residence Permits

Author: N. Pirilides & Associates LLC

A Long-Term Residence Permit is granted to individuals who have resided legally and continuously within the controlled areas of the Republic for 5 years prior to the submission of the relevant application and posses valid residence permits.  It has a five-year duration and is renewable upon expiry. This permit allows the holder to permanently reside in Cyprus without having to go through immigration procedures such as visas, issue and renewal of temporary residence permits etc.

A long-term residence permit holder has access to employment in all international/local companies and has the right to change employer. The holder has the right to state education, vocational training and recognition of professional diplomas. The holder can also be granted relevant rights in other EU member states according to each state’s national legislation.

The applicant should have adequate income from employment or/and other sources to support himself and the dependents and available suitable accommodation. Lastly, an employment contract of at least 18 months (or open duration) should be held by the applicant.

The applicant should hold a certificate of knowledge of the Greek language and history; even though employees of international companies are exempted from this when they apply for the first time.

The application is submitted to the Civil Registry and Migration Department which transfers it to the Migration Control Committee; the authority that examines and issues decisions on such applications. The examination period is usually 6-12 months.

N. Pirilides & Associates LLC is in a position to assist applicants wishing to apply and obtain a Long-term Residence Permit in Cyprus. Our services:


  • Consult on the requirements for the application
  • Advise in drafting related required documents
  • Prepare the relevant application forms  and review of the application package
  • Submit the application to the Authorities on client’s behalf
  • Follow up the application and debrief the client
  • Act as a liaison with the Authorities during the examination of the application in case any relevant clarifications are needed

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