Documents required for the application of permanent residence permit in Cyprus

Author: N. Pirilides & Associates LLC

Permanent residence does not require the applicant to renew his/her residence permit in Cyprus every year, as the name suggests. Furthermore, Schengen countries grant travelling visas with more ease and flexibility once such permit is issued.
It is a vital prerequisite for an applicant to be granted permanent residence in Cyprus to own immovable property in Cyprus (of a minimum value of €300,000).  The application for residence may be filed after having purchased the property in Cyprus, either in the absence of the client and prior to the actual moving to Cyprus for permanently residence or the family can move to Cyprus and obtain a temporary residence permit whilst in anticipation of the permanent residence following an application made after their arrival in Cyprus.

It should be noted that in case such permit is granted to the mother and children, the husband/father will be entitled to receive a multiple-entry visa from the Cyprus Embassy/Consulate at his country of residence, on the very basis that his family owns property and is living in Cyprus.
Acquisition of immovable property in Cyprus (by non-EU nationals) requires the approval of the District Officer of the District where the immovable property is situated, a procedure which takes approximately 3 months to complete.
It should be noted that persons under a permanent residence permit are entitled to apply for Cyprus citizenship if they reside in Cyprus for a total of 7 years or for a total of 2555 days.
Documents required for the acquisition of permanent residence permit in Cyprus:

  1. Application Form duly completed & signed by applicant
  2. Copy of passport
  3. Curriculum Vitae
  4. Notarized certificate of graduation diploma, duly translated in English
  5. Sale Agreement or Title Deed of the property in Cyprus
  6. Certificate of clean criminal record
  7. Bank statements and certificate from a local bank (Cypriot) evidencing the movement of the account of the applicant
  8. Sworn declaration that the funds for the family’s maintenance in Cyprus are proven through supporting evidence which accompanied the application of the applicant
  9. Copy of medical insurance contract. Such insurance can be provided through our Law firm.
  10. Marriage certificate duly translated in English
  11. Certificate of birth of the children of the applicant, duly translated in English and stamped or apostilled
  12. Passport photos of any family member/s.
  13. Copy of entry permit

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