With its unique geographical location, and its beneficial tax structure, Cyprus has become a thriving modern business and maritime centre, attracting worldwide business investment.  We provide a range of services tailored to the specific individual needs of both national and international shipping clients.
We fully support the promotion and development of our shipping industry, acknowledging its importance to our economy and infrastructure.  Our considerable expertise in this area encompasses:
  • Registration of shipping companies
  • Registration of vessels including any encumbrances thereon    
  • Ship management agreements
  • Shipping business taxation advice
  • Crew engagement agreements   
  • Loan agreements and security documentation
Furthermore, our law firm may assist any legal person who wishes to provide services for the protection of the security of ships by submitting the relevant application for issue of a certificate in relation to the use of the services of a private ship security company. 
N. Pirilides & Associates LLC, together with its affiliates, can provide full set-up, licensing, legal, accounting, tax and audit and counselling services to private ship security companies providing security services to Cyprus flag ships. Our firm may submit the application and obtain the relevant certificate. Clients interested in such services may contact us at

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