Our team has the know-how and expertise to secure residence permits in Cyprus to our EU and non-EU national clients that might be interested in residing in Cyprus and furthermore to assist any client that might be interested in applying for and acquiring the Cyprus citizenship. 
Experts in this field, we are able to assist with:
  • Applying for the necessary visas and residence permits and securing that non-EU nationals are given the permit to stay with their family in Cyprus through the acquisition of i) a residence (employment) permit or through the acquisition of (ii) a permanent residence permit in Cyprus etc;
  • Applying for and securing the acquisition of Cyprus Citizenship 
  • Providing legal advice on the above matters;
  • Providing legal advice on the acquisition of property in Cyprus by non-EU nationals and obtaining the requisite permit from the District Officer;
  • Drafting contracts of employment, tenancy agreements, contracts of sale etc;
  • Registering companies in Cyprus & providing other related corporate services 

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