Legal Assistance in obtaining a Title Deed for properties

Are you facing problems in obtaining a title deed for your property in Cyprus?
Cyprus Government with its new property Amnesty Bill has taken a huge step forward with the modernization and simplification of procedures and legal provisions that eventually lead to the security of updated title deeds by respective property owners.  
According to the new Planning Amnesty Laws of Cyprus that came into force on the 8th April 2011, any individual or legal entity may apply to the competent authority by submitting an application for the legalization of building irregularities or for the issue of updated title deeds.
The applicants must submit by the 30.04.2014 to the Ministry of the Interior, a Statement of Intent and thereafter, a full application by the 31.12.2015, to the Planning or Building Authority for the legalization of the irregularities.  
N. Pirilides & Associates LLC, in co-operation with a team of professional experts (town planners, engineers and architects), is already engaged in the preparation of a number of applications, and may be of assistance to individuals or legal entities in need of such professional assistance and advice.

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