Our clients are OUR PRIORITY.

We are known for our commitment to excellence and for our ability to find innovative solutions to the most complex legal issues. Our clients recognise and value this.

Valeria Levova, Russia, Director of Constant Oil Limited
"I cannot imagine any other law firm more professional than N. Pirilides & Associates LLC!  The service provided by the firm is outstanding and extremely efficient. I have never had any complaints about the services provided.
The staff is very professional, helpful, friendly and willing to satisfy any of our requests. I am very grateful to everyone for their assistance!
Sacha Jongenburger, Germany, Investment Manager, Thomas Cook

"This law firm is extremely professional; always looking for adequate and practical solutions and providing alternatives to its clients.  I am extremely satisfied with the quality of service provided as it is always prompt and efficient."

Robert Blazek, Czech Republic, Prague Capital Partners
"The law firm has been providing legal services to me and my companies for nearly 9 years.  A difficult case was handled efficiently and to my full satisfaction. The group is professional and the quality of services is of high standard."
Michael Aristotelous, Cyprus, Managing Director of Sunhouse Travel Ltd and other companies

"N. Pirilides & Associates LLC has been providing legal and other services to my group of companies for more than 25 years. The service provided is highly effective with a global approach. I am totally confident when dealing with this law Firm. We have already recommended this firm to several of our associates over the years we have been dealing with it." 

Yaroslav Martynenko, Russia, PFX Financial Professionals Ltd

'In my opinion this law firm is extremely professional and efficient.  The quality of work done so far has been greatly satisfactory and I would most likely recommend this firm to other people.'

Andreas Zacharia, Cyprus, RCB BANK LTD

"During the 15 year period of dealing with this law firm, I can say with certainty that the lawyers and administrative staff are extremely professional and the quality of services is outstanding. I would certainly recommend this law firm!"

Phivos Vakis, Cyprus, Columbia Ship-management Ltd

"N. Pirilides & Associates LLC has been providing legal services to our group of companies for more than 10 years. The firm is extremely professional and their service is always very prompt."

Monika Bischoff, Germany, Director of Pharmaceutical Group of companies

"Coming to Cyprus 7 years ago, from Germany, was very difficult for me to start my business and to get everything correctly placed and working according to Cyprus Laws. I am lucky that I found Pirilides’ law office which overtook and solved all my sorrows.


The law office assisted us in acquiring the Cyprus residency.  Whenever we have any kind of question or any doubt, we know that we can always contact the firm and that they will provide their assistance immediately.  The team of Pirilides is organized and always efficient and effective in completing difficult tasks!"

David Bitton, Israel, Advocate

 “The firm has handled all our complex issues (regarding several investment firms) quickly and professionally, with good results.”

Peter Lucas, UK, Chairman and Chief Executive, The Baird Group
" I was recommended to N. Pirilides to act for me in the sale of my property (Euro 2.6 million) and also to assist me in the creation of wills, and powers of attorney. From the friendly reception to the professional execution of all the required documentation, I have found them thorough, very professional and good negotiators on my behalf.
Their ability to deal with Cypriot legal issues whilst at the same time being able to communicate with me in my own language and with a knowledge of my home country consequential legal issue, has set them apart for me as one of the best firms in Cyprus."
Stelios Kizis, Cyprus, Director of Columbia Hotels & Resorts Ltd
"We have been working with N.Pirilides for over nine years now and since then, we don’t think twice who has to be in charge when representing our interests. N. Pirilides' firm, not only offers an in depth knowledge of the subject, but most importantly, their success is attributed to personal service and understanding of clients’ organizational culture which they integrate perfectly into an efficient legal framework.
N. Pirilides emanates a sense of trust-worthiness that makes you feel very secure during what is without a doubt a very involved process."
Raphael Ghrenassia, Switzerland, Director & Owner of EDR Financial Limited
"Whatever your situation, it is crucial in life, on a personal level as well as on a professional level, to have a highly qualified, professional and honest lawyer who will be able to set you up in the frame of the laws protecting you and your interests.
Building recently a new forex company in Cyprus I had the chance to meet and work with N. Pirilides & Associates, who offered our company the highest level of legal assistance we could expect. 
We were delighted by the personal and unique approach of the associates, and always felt treated with the highest level of concern. I would definitely recommend N. Pirilides & Associates for their warm and extremely professional services."
R. Subramanian, Singapore, Group Controller, Symphony Ventures Pte Ltd.

"Pirilides has been providing services to Symphony (a private equity firm whose primary focus lies in shipping, oil and gas services) for a number of years and we consider the firm to be highly professional, responses are always quick.  We would surely recommend this law firm to others!" 

Sophia Boyes, United Kingdom

“I have started cooperating with Pirilides firm during the year 2018 and found it highly professional, with incredible service and extremely responsive to my queries. The staff at the firm is very friendly, easy to cooperate with and highly efficient. It is extremely likely that I will definitely recommend N. Pirilides & Associates LLC to family and acquaintances.”

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