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Establishment and Operation of Tourist and Travel Agencies in Cyprus

The relevant law in Cyprus is the Tourism and Travel Offices and Tourist Guides Law. 
‘Office’, for the purposes of this Law, is any permanently organized office which by its available means and the services it provides undertakes professionally and on remuneration-
(a) the organization of any kind of travel, seminars and touring either locally or abroad; or
(b) the issue, or the arrangement on commission for the issue of travel tickets by any transportation means; or
(c) the securing of means of transport, guiding and accommodation of organized groups or persons; or
(d) any related work to facilitate the accommodation and transportation of tourists as well as the carriage of their luggage.
Office includes a branch of such an Office.
In order to establish and operate a Tourist and Travel Agency in Cyprus, natural and legal persons of EU member states need to obtain the licence for the establishment and operation of a tourist and travel agency by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO).
A licence to establish and operate a Tourist and Travel Agency in Cyprus can be granted only to natural persons residents in the Republic of Cyprus or in another member state or legal persons established in the Republic of Cyprus or another member state. 
Non-EU member state companies may operate in the Republic of Cyprus on a permanent basis only if represented by a licensed Tourist and Travel Agency in the Republic of Cyprus (resident Office).
No overseas Office, except those established in another member state, may carry on in the Republic, on an organized or permanent basis, unless represented by a local Office.   A ‘local Office’ means the office which is situated in the Republic.   The overseas Office and the local Office representing the same shall have an obligation to declare jointly to CTO both the date of commencement and the date of expiration of their cooperation.    An ‘overseas Office’ means the Office which is not situated in the Republic.
An Office established in a member state outside the Republic may temporarily carry out within the Republic the activities mentioned above without the need of having a permanent organized Office within the Republic, provided it declares this intention in writing.
Every Tourist and Travel Agency must be managed by a manager who shall:
(a) (i) either be a graduate of a recognized higher School of Tourist Occupations or possess a University degree in tourism and have at least one year working experience in a travel agency;
     (ii) either be a holder of a University degree and have at least three years working experience in a travel agency;
    (iii) or be a graduate of a sixth grade school of secondary education and have at least seven years working experience in a travel office, airline or shipping company in departments dealing mainly and directly with tourist and travel activities.
(b) have a good knowledge of at least one foreign language of those prevailing in the tourist industry.
(c) not be prohibited by reason of a judicial order from dealing with the property thereof; and
(d) not have been convicted of an offence which entails absence of honesty or moral turpitude or not have been convicted for a violation of any legislation for which the Organisation has competence.
A deposit of guarantee of fifteen thousand euro (€15.000) by the entrepreneur shall be required for the grant of such licence and the same goes for the renewal of such licence.