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Information - UK residents conducting a Civil Wedding in Cyprus

The information provided relates as a basic guideline for British passport holders only.  Non-British passport holders or clients with documentation issued outside of the United Kingdom should contact their own consulate or embassy.
In order for a UK national to be able to conduct a civil wedding in Cyprus, the following will be required in relation to the interested parties:
1. Valid UK Passport copies (original will be required on the day)
2. An original divorce certificate (absolute degree), if applicable
3. A Death certificate of spouse, if widowed
4. A Birth certificate (showing the parents’ names).
5. No adoption certificate is required.
6. If any of the interested parties have changed their name (under any circumstances), the original deed poll proof of name change will be required
7. A recent certificate from the competent authority of the country regarding the marital of the parties is required. It is worth noting that each country has its own competent authority regarding the above matter and it is always advisable to contact a Municipality in Cyprus (of preference) to clarify which authority’s certification they will accept. In the case of England, the rule is not so strict and therefore our authorities will accept an affidavit regarding the marital status of the parties involved, as well as any other certificate from a competent authority, verifying the marital status of the parties, from a competent authority.
It is worth noting that in case of Irish nationals, it is advisable to contact the Municipality in order to ascertain which authority is competent to issue such a certificate. The same applies for Scottish nationals.
Foreigners living in Cyprus for more than 1 year must swear an affidavit at the District Court and within the same week this must be presented to the Ministry of Interior (Nicosia) for a certification that during the period the interested parties lived in Cyprus, they did not conduct any other civil marriage.
British nationals, who come to Cyprus with a Marriage Tour Package to celebrate a marriage and live or reside legally and continuously in the Republic of Cyprus for at least three years, are not required to submit the marriage non-impediment certificate.  All certificates must be translated into Greek by the PIO office in Nicosia (certificates in English are accepted). 
There are two procedures applicable:
1) Normal procedure- In this case the couple must apply to the Marriage Officer and arrange for the wedding after 15 clear days of the application and not later than 3 months from such date.
 Minimum residency period for a marriage, excluding day of arrival, weekends and bank holidays is 20 days (In case of urgency, the interested persons may apply to the Marriage Officer to fix an earlier date, by paying advanced fees. In this case the marriage can be celebrated within 2-3 working days).
2) Swift procedure- In this case the couple must apply to the Marriage Officer and arrange for the wedding date, which will be prior to the elapse of 15 days.
Interested parties often follow the swift procedure in order to arrange for the wedding prior to the elapse of 15 days. As follows, the wedding can be conducted within 2-3 days from the date of arrival (of course it also depends on each Municipality’s workload).
Teenagers under 18 years of age
If one or both persons applying for a civil wedding are under 18 but over 16, they must present a written attestation of their parents or legal guardians.  A written consent to this effect must therefore be presented.  In the event that there are no legal guardians then the consent of the Supreme Court of Limassol is needed. NOTE: The written consent is made in the presence of the Mayor.
A true copy of the Marriage Certificate can be obtained from the relevant Municipality or from the Ministry of Interior.