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Tourist/Travel Agency or Tour Operator license in Cyprus

The law regulating the establishment and operation of a travel agency and/or tour operator in Cyprus is the Tourism and Travel Offices and Tourist Guides Laws of 1995 (Law No. 41(I)/1995), as amended (the “Law”).  The Law provides that the license in question is granted, inter alia, to residents natural or legal persons or citizens of another member state provided that they meet the requirements prescribed under the Law and the Regulations and upon payment of the prescribed fee and may include such terms which in the opinion of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism are deemed necessary.

‘Office’, for the purposes of this Law, is any permanently organized office which by its available means and the services it provides undertakes professionally and on remuneration- 

(a) the organization of any kind of travel, seminars and touring either locally or abroad; or

(b) the issue, or the arrangement on commission for the issue of travel tickets by any transportation means; or

(c) the securing of means of transport, guiding and accommodation of organized groups or persons; or

(d) any related work to facilitate the accommodation and transportation of tourists as well as the carriage of their luggage.

Office includes a branch of such an Office.

Application procedure

The application for a license is submitted to the Deputy Ministry of Tourism. The office of the travel agency and/or tour operator must be managed by a manager who shall:

a) (i) either be a graduate of a recognized higher School of Tourist Occupations or holder of a University degree on   matters related to tourism and shall have at least one year experience in the tourist industry;

   (ii) either be a holder of a University degree and have at least three years working experience in the tourist industry;

   (iii) either be a holder of a leaving certificate of a six-class secondary school and shall have at least seven years practice in a tourist office or aviation or navigation company in departments engaged mainly and directly with tourist and travel activities.

b) have good knowledge of at least one foreign language of those prevailing in the tourist industry.

c) not be prohibited by reason of a judicial order from dealing with the property thereof; and

d) not have been convicted of an offence which entails lack of honesty or moral turpitude or shall not have been convicted for a violation of any legislation for which the Deputy Ministry of Tourism has competence or of the legislation of the Control of Exchange.

Upon approval of the license, the client will be called upon to pay a licence fee of €400 (payable in cash, by cheque or bank transfer) and to deposit a bank guarantee of €15,000. The content of the bank guarantee must be approved by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism and must be valid for at least two years and renewed at least two months prior to its expiration. The renewal fee is €300.

EU Bonding Application

The promotion and carrying out of Organized Tours abroad is regulated by the Association of Cyprus Travel Agents (ACTA) who will require a deposit of a guarantee (additional to the guarantee of €15,000 deposited for the purposes of the issue of the license from the Deputy Ministry of Tourism) in favour of ACTA of 20% of its estimated turnover and for each subsequent year such guarantee would be calculated upon the audited financial statements of the company.

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