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Our dedicated team of lawyers and other consultants is always on hand to provide specialist support and legal expertise in order to consult, support and fully assist with matters pertaining to Financial Institutions by leveraging our establishment’s expertise and our expert network.

Key services offered: 

  • Dealing with issues of Fraud / Misconduct / Financial crime in Financial services  
  • International and Cyprus Investment Firms (CIF) in Forex FX, CFD, and or Securities
  • Corporate Services for Financial Institutions

Dealing with issues of Fraud / Misconduct / Financial crime in Financial services  

Our dedicated team of lawyers can consult and assist investors and/or financial institutions in relation to issues of Fraud, Misconduct and or Financial crime, and provide all legal support required in this regard.
International and Cyprus Investment Firms (CIF) in Forex FX, CFD, and or Securities
Our advisory team is currently one of the service providers that has been reliably successful in obtaining licenses and registering Cyprus Investment Firms (CIFs), as well as arranging the required set-up, with experience of more than a decade and on both EU MIFID I and MIFID II regimes. The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) is the regulator for Investment Firms (Cyprus Investment Firms) established in Cyprus. Such firms or groups include operations of Brokerage, Agency, Principal/Market Maker, Asset/Portfolio Management, Advisory etc. Groups may include multiple investment firms with licenses in Cyprus (CySEC) as well as additional jurisdictions depending on their strategy and group-structuring. Furthermore, relatively lighter setups might be feasible in cases of Institutional/Professional business strategies.
The consultation for a CySEC application includes, among others, the following:

(i) Our expert assistance in preparing the CySEC’s License Application, with the characteristics applicable to the client:

  • Guidance in providing information, documentation and certificates
  • Consultation on CIF structure and on initial setup
  • Preparation of required Manuals in accordance with applicable CySEC regulation
  • Guidance on the relevant business plan
  • Review of the required questionnaires of shareholders, directors and of other departmental officers. As well as liaising to identify potential management and/or directors when necessary and available.

(ii) Complete, pre-vet and submit on behalf of the Company the necessary/appropriate application to CySEC, follow up the said application up to completion, and guide on the subsequent license activation requirements.

Corporate Services for Financial Institutions

Multilysis (our corporate service providing firm) can be of assistance to other practical matters relating to establishment of Financial Institutions by providing, inter alia, the following services:

  • Registration of companies in Cyprus and a large number of other foreign jurisdictions
  • Acting as Secretary at an annual fee
  • Providing Registered Office facilities at an annual fee
  • Providing Directors services at an annual fee
  • Providing book-keeping services
  • Corporate Structuring-Management & Administration services           
  • Tax Consulting
  • Services relating to the establishment and operating of bank accounts in Cyprus and abroad etc.
  • Arranging for the Audit of companies (Internal & External)